Group Services

Car Rental in Asia

With offices throughout Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore Hawk is able to offer a comprehensive car rental service in these countries. We can offer a wide range of vehicles from the compact 1300cc car up to the luxury range which can be rented with or without a driver.

Our vehicles are generally late model and they are serviced and maintained with care. We have service centres at strategic locations and in the event of any difficulty we are only a phone call away.

Hawk tries to meet your needs and so we have a variety of products, packages and services available such as special weekend rates, baby seats, vehicle delivery and collection and so on.

Vehicle Leasing

The option of leasing a car for months or years rather than buying a vehicle is becoming increasingly popular, especially for corporations. Leasing a vehicle tends to be cost efficient when factoring in all the aspects of owning a car such as time spent on administering the vehicle, maintenance and accident costs, the cost of the inconveniece or of renting an alternative vehicle when your own is off the road for any reason.

Hawk not only provides you with a vehicle when we lease to you. We also look after the periodic road tax, insurance, maintenance, servicing and maintenance administration, we provide a replacement car for free when necessary, we buy and sell the car for you and we allow you to focus on other things in life than the responsibility of owning a car. In short, we provide you with peace of mind.

Worldwide Car Rental

Hawk has associations with car rental companies around the globe and you can book a car in just about any corner of the world simply by clicking on our Worldwide Car Rental icon. The booking procedure is simple and we can assure you that you will be well looked after wherever you choose to travel to.

Fleet Management

If you do have a fleet of your own vehicles consider the possibility of Hawk looking after it for you through its fleet management programme. We will take over the administration of the fleet. We will insure the cars and ensure the tax is up to date, we will arrange the maintenance and we will ensure that a replacement car is available when the driver's car is off the road for any reason.

Give this service a thought. It is not expensive and it imposes controls on the administration of your fleet that are likely to be superior to those you impose internally.


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