About the Group

Hawk Rent a Car offers a quality vehicle rental and leasing service to its customers. Our main product is the self-driven car although access to chauffeur-driven services can be provided. As a general principle, Hawk competes by offering a quality service at a fair price. We will not buy business through aggressive price-cutting that can only be achieved through compromise on quality.

We service customers from both the commercial and leisure sectors and the mix is made up broadly of expatriates who have the need for the use of a car for a period of months or even years, traveling Asian businessmen, tourists and local casual users.

The company focuses very sharply on the activity of renting and leasing vehicles. Staff members are properly trained and are provided with the tools to do their job well. Offices are attractive and practical. Technology is employed extensively to ensure maximum efficiency. Hawk concentrates on getting the customer into a quality car and on his way as quickly as possible wherever we are represented.

Hawk uses operating software that was written by vehicle rental specialists in the United States which is capable of handling fleets ranging in size from a few units to many thousands of vehicles. This system enables us to handle all aspects of our business from reservations through counter handling of customers, and control of fleet right through the production of financial statements and a wide array of management reports. It is intended that Hawk will constantly review the technology that it is using to ensure that the company stays ahead of the competition, properly controls its activities and offers the best products and service to its customers.